Thai Bodywork Massage

Thai Bodywork is a traditional healing method that has been practiced in Thailand for centuries. With the incorporation of acupressure, meridian energy work (sen lines)  and yoga-like stretching, Thai Bodywork improves circulation, flexibility  and muscle tone.  As with other massage modalities, Thai is used to stimulate  the body’s natural healing processes and take a role in repairing damaged  tissue. 

Muscle Rehab Therapy - 

Enjoy a specially designed experience for your muscles.  INSP Center offers a 45min fun-filled treatment aimed at maintaining tone and balance while building strength in muscles.  By combining body resistant movements with very little added weight, resistant bands, foam rollers, muscle rollers and other tools, we create a different and unique way of increasing endurance while maintaining perfect alignment and functionality.  Your first time  is only $25!

      - Try my combo pack  - 

45min Muscle Rehab Therapy followed by 60min Thai body-work treatment = $115

   One Person - $45 - 45min    Couples = $70 - 45min 

Thai/Clinical Treatment

This new and inventive clinical muscle rehabilitation therapy utilizes a combination of Thai Massage and deep tissue techniques designed and developed by Joyce Detrich.  It was created so that a person can receive deep muscle work while only experiencing minor "feel good" pain, or commonly known as healing pain.  It has been stated by many as being "unlike any other massage work."

  • Mitigates scar tissue
  • Rehabilitates old injuries
  • Brings nutrients to individual muscles fibers
  • Releases toxins that accumulate around nerve bundles
  • Discharges adhesions formed, relieving pain in muscles/joints
  • Slows the aging process

$90-60min  $120-90min $150-2hr

Chakra Balancing Treatment

Enjoy an intensely energetic experience with the use of Joyce's own healing energy along with a universal energy source, promoting release and movement of your own energy. Sessions are designed to cleanse all the major chakras of the body and dissolves energy blockages 

  • Increases overall energy flow
  • Balances mind and body
  • Ignites your inner healing power 

 $90-60min  $120-90min  $150-2hr

Mindful Meditation - Class 

Reintroduce yourself to your inner world and discover where your inner power source lies. Mediation not only develops the ability to ease the mind but also to control your thoughts. It can also be a time for reflection and visualizing a clear path for decision making. We provide a personalized and harmonious routine that best complements your current synchronization.  

    $15 - Day of Class     $10- by package(10,15,20,25,30)     $10 - Day of Class bring a friend(1+more$5)

"Chi-Dance" - Class

A unique way of Mixing Tai Chi movements with with energetic techniques that ignite your own personal "battery pack" and charge your chakras and meridians, bringing them into better balance. Reconnect the unconscious mind to the calmly breathing body, promoting a sense of invigorating sensations that has the power to leave the body is a state of euphoria.

Classes TBA